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Offering Superior-Quality Products for Your Automobile

Offering Superior-Quality Products for Your Automobile

BKE Distributors was founded in June 2010 by Brian Elmer. However, he started selling auto body supplies way back in August 1984. The reason why we are still in business after so many years is that we offer products from exclusive lines that are of the highest quality. These include the following:

LORD Fusor Products

Lusid Technologies

ProXL Aerosols

Sunmight Sandpapers





Each line has its own specialization depending on what your vehicle needs. We take pride in collaborating with these brands because of their proven excellence. Now you can put your mind at ease knowing that your car’s repair is not compromised with inferior products.

Dedicated to Customer Satisfaction

Dedicated to Customer Satisfaction

We believe that achieving customer satisfaction should be the goal of every supplier, which is why one of our company’s objectives is to maintain a strong business relationship with our clients and members. In order to do this, we make sure to provide only the best when it comes to auto body supplies.