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Lusid Technologies is dedicated to supplying state-of-the-art product technology to the OEM, Fleet, Automotive, and Light Industrial marketplace. Lusid's Northstar™ products are automotive quality tailored to meet Fleet and OEM application requirements.

Sunmight Finishing Film Discs are designed to cut cleaner and cooler, remove dirt nibs, runs, and other minor surface defects on paintwork. Its special top coating prevents loading and provides finer finish with fewer pigtails. Sun Foam is made with fabric and foam structure to refine sand scratches and reduce compounding time.

BKE Distributors

Fusor Repair products offer a great adhesive solution for plastic repair or finishing and cosmetics. Fusor Repair products are used on multiple interior and exterior plastic repairs. Fusor offers enhanced performance through the use of our Repair Products—guaranteed for the lifetime of the vehicle.

ProXL is a professional range of automotive refinishing products developed to provide a total refinishing system that will increase productivity without compromising on quality. This winning formula is developed from years of hand-on experience in the automotive refinishing industry.

ProXL Aerosols are an industry leader with game-changing technology such as the unique Vari-Nozzle, giving the user control of the fan spray width and orientation. ProXL aerosols’ 2k technology has enabled small, SMART automotive repairs to have a comparable finish to traditional 2k products.